Welcome to Netbutterfly!

Creating a Platform for Business and Educational Needs

Marketing your business can be easy if you have a website that
 features all of your products and services.  You will gain
more customers an1d be able to communicate more efficiently
and effectively.   At a glance, your business will be the one that
customers choose for the products or services they need.  

It is my mission to open up the lines of communication between
individuals, groups, and businesses of all kinds by developing and
designing a platform that markets their brand. Making every effort
to promote the true essence of their views, and values that they bring
to their audience, customers, and consumers, with great customer service.

On display are a variety of websites that I have developed. 
For your educational needs, please contact Netbutterfly to
create software training classes and various online training.
Also, please visit training.netbutterfly.com and take a class
for free.  More training to come!

If you need a new brand, please contact Netbutterfly for your
graphic design needs.  Contact Netbutterfly to discuss building
your new platform for your business, via my contact form. 





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